About us

"Rhenish Nice" – that’s how Alexander von Humboldt named the town between the Drachenfels (Dragon’s Rock) and the Rhine Island Grafenwerth, Bad Honnef, in the 19th century.

Today, however, the similarities with Nice are certainly not quite as easy to find, though there still are some. But in a broader context. Not the town as "Rhenish Nice" is justifying that comparison but the entire region at and around the lower Rhine as “Rhine Riviera". A landscape of sun-flooded garden restaurants along the waterfront promenades with Mediterranean flair, avant-garde buildings, villas, castles, a dense abundance of cultural goods, island idylls and marinas. Everything surrounded by mountains from whose heights one has stunning views into the country, colourful celebrations, pure joy of life and, almost around the corner, even a casino with a great tradition. This "Rhine Riviera" ranging from the Drachenfels (Dragon’s Rock) - and further north to the gates of Cologne – to Deutsches Eck (German Corner) in the South, from the heights of the Westerwald (Western Woods) in the East up to the maars of the Eifel mountain-range in the West.


Thrilled by the beauty and diversity of their homeland some entrepreneurs and personalities of public life decided to expand the concept of "Rhine Riviera" into a premium brand and thus to turn their region in their self-esteem as well as out there in the world into a branded product.


This brand should be a powerful promotional argument not only for tourism, but it should draw the attention of investors and entrepreneurs onto the entire region and offer on-site networking so that finally everyone can benefit from everyone.


First of all, a name must be found that transports a claim and an image, stunning even the most uniformed just by the chosen term. A name which arouses curiosity and thus further stimulates to find out more.

Then there must exist and be easily accessible a platform from which can be obtained information as clear and comprehensible as possible. And there you are just now.

The offers from the region presented here should be suitable to arouse interest and wishes and finally activate the prospective buyer into buying, booking, asking questions, making contacts.

It would be even better if we can win visitors - no matter for which area of this page they originally had been interested - to look into other areas and to find more offers there which they would like to take advantage of at best.

To implement such a project into reality, it takes an organization and committed partners who support them. Already in 2010 the partners met with the initiator of the project, Klaus Munk, the former Deputy Mayor of the city, for first talks. In the following year, 2011, they founded the syndicate of Rhine Riviera, which thereafter, in 2012, was formally registered as the Regional Association of Rhine Riviera. Today, well-known partners are members of this Association. Others – for whom a full membership is not possible because of their statutory set-up under public law - promote its work.

The paramount objective of the regional association of Rhine Riviera is to improve the image and reputation of the region at and around the lower Rhine in all its diversity.

But there is also a long-term vision: with increasing numbers of members and supporters, and thus also with growing financial capabilities, the Association wishes to contribute as far as possible in the near future to further structural development of the region. Be it by initiating and organising events of supra-regional importance, by supporting the maintenance or restoration of valuable cultural heritage or by initiating new key investments and/or attracting investors.

Klaus Munk tells about his motives to have carried forward this project against some resistance: "the more we drift across a globalized world, the more it is important to have a firm anchor in one’s homeland. Thus, it is in everyone's interest to engage oneself full-heartedly for this homeland.”