Welcome at the Rhine Riviera.

Alexander von Humboldt described the picturesque Bad Honnef with its elegant villas, the Island of Grafenwerth and a remarkable southern microclimate "Nice on the Rhine". By the end of the 19th century the term Rhine Riviera had been applied for the entire section of the Rhine between Rolandseck (Roland’s Corner) and Bad Godesberg on the left and Königswinter and Bad Honnef with the adjacent Siebengebirge (Seven Mountain’s Range) on the right bank of the River. As at the 'real' Riviera also here beautiful landscapes are bordering this classic core area of the “Gründerjahre” (period in the last third of the 19th century when many industrial firms were established in Germany) from all sides. We took liberty in including all those into our Rhine Riviera with their variety of natural, cultural and historical monuments and leisure activities for every taste. .

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You’ll find in the items of this website this unique and beautiful region around Bad Honnef, Königswinter, Bonn, and Roland’s Corner and further on up to Koblenz, as well as in the other direction up to the gates of Cologne.Under “Regions” you’ll learn about the natural variety of the Rhine Riviera. “Suggestions by Subject Matter” will help you to find selected offers according to types of interest. Under “Suggestions by Places” you’ll find everything sorted by Places (cities). Under “Suggestions for Tours” we recommend complete programs and excursions and boat trips on the Rhine for any taste and interest. A shop with selected offers within the region, an “exchange” for good businesses under “Business & Invest” and an Events Calendar round off a clear order within the wide array of information offered here.

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