Regions of the Rhine Riviera

One of the sunniest and most exclusive sections of the Rhine extends out of Brühl in the North via Bonn and Neuwied to Koblenz in the South. Whether castles and chateaux, picturesque towns, idyllic or breathtakingly beautiful panoramas, elegant promenades and marinas, cosy beer gardens, traditional wine houses and exclusive gourmet temples, unique natural and cultural monuments on both banks of the Rhine, this part of the big river offers a lot and makes a visit a very special experience during all seasons.

As a tourist destination the Rhine was discovered in the 19th century. The first steamboats arrived from England in 1816 and initiated a new era in tourism. Ten years later the first German shipping company started with its line operating between Cologne and Mainz and already in 1856 one could proudly announce the first million of sold tickets. Thus, the first statistically-proven "mass tourism" began in the Rhine Valley. The attractions of yesteryear are valid still today: the valley with its cliffs, wooded slopes, terraced vineyards, castles and mediaeval villages. The famous Rhenish happiness and the joy of companionship fill up a calendar of festivities and events. Be it Carnival, mediaeval spectacles, markets of all types or late in fall the wine and winemaker’s festivals, celebrating is a Rhenish basic need.